Supervise building of location
Set surface pipe
Log well
Run drill stem test
Run intermediate and production casing
Trouble shooting
Plug and abandon well
Run cased hole logs
Completion, Workover & Re-Entry
Run downhole production equipment
Build tank battery


Troubleshoot on location production problems
Equipment repair
Down hole repair and workover with well service rig on location

Lease Supervision

Oversee day to day operation of your wells
Monitor production
Supervise daily activities of pumpers
Troubleshoot production problems and make recommendations for remedial work, bid out repair work, prepare AFE's
Fill out required state forms
Approve invoices from vendors and forward to operator for payment
Keep complete well files including well bore diagrams

Title search, document preparation, right of way aquisition, survey, supervision
AFE preparation
File required sate forms (example: drilling intent, waste transfer & pit closure)
Help obtain drilling contractor
Help develop drilling program
Obtain plugging orders and file corresponding P&A forms
Work with state agencies to bring clients into compliance with state regulations


Oil and Gas Info Center: - Hardware and location maps - Society of Petroleum Engineers

Field Direct- Oil Field Data Management /IHS Energy Group

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